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Menu for the week of Monday, July 21st 2014:
Please place your order by Friday, July 18th for delivery the following Monday. Orders are (local) picked up or delivered - and (out of town) shipped out (FedEx) on Monday.

Monday's Menu:

~Apple Spice Breakfast Bread   
   Apple, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, cinnamon and a touch of agave   
      and coconut oil.

~Cinnamon Spice Oatmeal
   Slightly sweet oatmeal made with oat groats, agave and cinnamon.

   Hearty, Russian beet soup with carrots, celery and green onion.   

~Celery Apple Soup       
   Light and refreshing soup with celery and apple.  

~Sweet Tahini Sauce w~ Veggie Sticks       
   Our delicious, sweet and tangy Tahini Sauce served with baby carrot 

~Carrot Raisin Salad       
   Shredded carrots and raisins in a sweet and creamy cashew sauce. 

~Chickenless Chicken Salad Sandwich       
   Chickenless Chicken Salad with walnuts, apples, celery and green 
      onion.  Served with our Sunflower Bread. 

~Not Crab Cakes w~ Dijon Sauce       
    Two delicious "crab" patties accompanied by our creamy Dijon 

~Chocolate Mousse       
   Silky, heavenly mousse made with cacao and agave nectar. 

~Cherry Vanilla Cheesecake       
   Smooth, rich cashew cheesecake swirled with luscious cherries atop  
      a sweet pecan crust. 

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Do you want to eat healthier, reach your ideal weight and feel great; but don't have the time to spend on extensive meal preparation?  Let us do the work for you! You can have these healthy, delicious foods all week long!

How it works:  Each week we prepare a menu that you can order and have delivered within California.  Deadline for ordering is Fridays at midnight for delivery or pick up the following Monday. Out of town orders are shipped Monday (FedEx) and received Tuesday. There are 6 weekly menus that rotate in order.  The Raw Express is about 5 days worth of food-AND portions are  individualized... (guaranteed fresh for 5 days- starting the day you receive it). Please see details for ordering at the Shopping Cart below. If there is an item or two on any given menu where there is a food sensitivity or a food dislike, we are happy to make substitutions accordingly.  We cannot omit single ingredients but CAN substitute out one whole dish for another as you wish.  Be sure to specify this in the "note" area of the payment screen or send us an email.  
Delivery or pick up:  Local pick up is available on Mondays in Monterey, CA. Please call 831-444-5565 for details.  If you live any where else in CA- please see shopping cart below for shipping rates.
FedEx Overnight-- orders will be shipped out on Monday and received on Tuesday.If you are wondering if we ship to your area- shoot us an email with your zip code and you'll receive a quick response.  WHEN PURCHASING- PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS IS CORRECT AS WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ORDERS SENT TO THE WRONG ADDRESS. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS MAJOR DETAIL.

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The Raw Express NOW INCLUDES MORE FOOD! It is about 5 days worth of food-AND all portions are now individualized!   
THE PERFECT GIFT: Send a friend or a loved one a Gift Certificate for any occasion!  Just purchase the appropriate item below and state in the "note" area, "Gift Certificate".  We can also just straight ship a week's worth of food to whomever you wish, just include the proper shipping address. 

PJsRawCuisine.com  831-444-5565 
Thanks for your interest and DO IT  for yourself today!

Everything is:
~refined sugar-free

Eat Raw - Feel Great!
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5 days of food-The Raw Express
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5 days of food-The Raw Express
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Disclaimer: All information on this site is intended for educational purposes only. Anyone considering changing their existing diet should first consult with their physician. The portion guidelines in The Raw Express are just guidelines. Dietary and nutritional needs vary with each individual person, therefore; supplementing with additional foods may be necessary.